Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finished Bedrooms & Math Equations

Finally, here are the photos of the finished bedrooms (except for painting the doors and adding knobs to the closet doors). We are getting there! My mom & dad were here last weekend to help us again. Dad finished the bathroom and mom did a bunch of landscaping work outside.

On another note, I think it is hard being a mother of three. I don't have enough hands or ears to go around. For all you mothers of three (or more) out there, how do you handle three crying kids at a time???

Here is my most frustrating moment of the day yesterday:

The school calls. Laura's teacher is on the phone. Laura is very upset & crying because she has spilled blackberries all over her shoes. She is in the bathroom trying to wipe them off. Is it possible for me to bring another pair of shoes. I, of course, agree that that would be best. I had just gotten out of the shower. Lindsay was not dressed. I tell Lindsay to get dressed and I hear Nathan waking up from a short nap. He is crying so I go to get him. While I am getting him ready to go, I hear Lindsay wailing from her room. She is frustrated because she cannot get her Polly Pocket dressed. Everyone is crying (except me who should be) and I am only one person. We eventually got our act together and made it to the school with clean(er) shoes.

Having three kids is definitely harder than having two! I'm making it though. Somehow we always get through those moments when I just want to scream!

Here is my little reward from today:

I love the "blackberries + lunch = dirty shoe"! Hilarious!

I love being a mom!

Monday, May 10, 2010

One Month Old

Nathan turned one month old on May 4th. I had to take some photos in the hopes of getting at least one good one for the gorgeous Classic Pooh first year scrapbook my sis made me. I can't believe he is over a month old already! I am sad that he is losing his hair and developing male pattern baldness. I would say, he gets that from his dad, but I don't want his dad to be mad at me. :)

The girls had Fifth's Disease, also called "slap cheek" (which is actually a virus) last week so that is why their cheeks are so red in the photo. They ended up with bright red rashes covering their entire bodies. Wow. All in all though, a pretty minor ordeal!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I have a wonderful mother. I wish I was a better mother. I wish I were not so often frustrated with my children. I wish I knew all the answers to give them and the right things to say to them. I wish I never lost my patience or yelled at my children. I wish I was the mother I always pictured myself to be before I had kids.

Even though they do frustrate me sometimes and I lose my patience with them and I don't know the right answers to the challenges they bring, I am blessed to have three beautiful children. I love being their mom.

Laura (the party planning queen) was insistent that we have a Mother's Day party. She used her own money to buy pink plates, napkins and a tablecloth. She is helping Daddy make a cake. There are gifts, flower bouquet, the whole shebang.

One of the gifts she (and her class at school) made was a book of advice. It is titled "If we were going out into the world today, this is the advice we think our mothers would give us!"

Here is Laura's advice:
1. I love you
2. Brush your teeth
3. Comb your hair
4. Your special
5. Don't lie
6. Tell the truth
7. Speak loud, but slow
8. Work hard
9. Have fun
10. Play games
11. Don't smoke
12. Don't spend all your money
13. Go to church
14. Don't drink
15. Have kids

I had visions of taking adorable photos today to go with this post. This is my first Mother's Day as a mother of three after all. It's a no go. Lindsay insisted on wearing a weird outfit (not the adorable dress that matches the one her sister is wearing). Nathan has been fussy all day (except for while we were at church), etc. I give up...

Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Girly Girl

I know, shocking, two posts in two days! This is another one-handed post, by the way.
This bedroom is for my girly girl, the one who loves horses. She wanted a pink & brown room. I was happy to oblige...

Speaking of the girly girl, a few months ago, she had an assignment to do a report on an American citizen who made a difference. Laura chose Clara Barton, teacher, nurse & founder of the Red Cross. As part of the assignment, parents were invited to come and see a presentation of all of the "Americans" - they each had to dress like the person and read their reports to the class & parents. Laura looked so cute but read her report REALLY quietly! She did great though - all the kids did! I loved watching them all. Second graders are hilarious!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I cannot seem to find time to blog unless it's one-handed with a baby in the other hand! My little man likes to be held at all times for best results! That's okay, someday he won't be interested in his mother anymore so I'll take him now while he needs me!

This is Lindsay's room pre & post carpet. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cat chair my mom snagged & re-covered for her in faux fur. Lindsay loves it too! It's complete with it's own tail. Absolutely adorable! Some nights Lindsay even sleeps in it.

Linds picked out her own colors and theme. She insisted on a blue room - the bottom color in the photos was her choice. She also insisted that it had to be cat themed. It turned out so cute & she loves it. Success!

As soon as I get some time, I'll get photos of the "moved in" room with her furniture, curtains, wall decor, etc.