Friday, October 23, 2009

Little Politician

Dear Parents,

Your child had decided to participate in the "elections" and run for Student Council Rep for our class. ... Please help your child understand that only one child from the class can be chosen. This can be hard for them if they are not chosen.

This is an excerpt from a letter I received via Laura's backpack last month. I was a bit surprised as Laura tends to be on the shy side (usually) and I didn't picture her as the student council type - her dad and I certainly aren't!

Anyway, I spent most of the time before the election trying to help her prepare for the (what I thought was probably) possibility she might lose. We talked about it several times. In the meantime, she busied herself with making posters, goodie bags, and writing her speech with a little help from mom & dad.

Here is her speech:

"Hi. I am Laura and I want to be in student council. I would be a good student council rep because I am a good friend. I would make good decisions for the class, trying to make everyone happy. I listen to the teacher and do what's right. So vote for me."

Election day came and guess who came bounding off the bus yelling "Guess what mom? I won!!!" She never ceases to surprise me!

Here she is working on her poster:

I forgot to get a photo of the finished poster but it said "VOTE LAURA She never forgets her homework and she is a good friend" Lindsay helped her with that...

Here she is after her first meeting - her assignment was to create this poster for Sports Day:

And finally, just because, here is her 2nd grade school photo...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fantastic FIVE!

Dear readers, I do apologize for my gross neglect of this enthralling blog. In my state of pregnancy-induced can't-remove-myself-from-the-couch fatigue, I have found it too much work of late to eject the CF card from the camera, insert it into my computer, select photos and post them here. I am feeling much better in recent days and am no longer napping to make it through the day SO...

Lindsay turned FIVE on the 27th of September. We met her Grandparents Perry (halfway between their house and ours) for lunch and some shopping on Saturday. Lindsay decided to spend her birthday money on a Fisher Price digital camera and some play-doh. She selected her favorite place to eat for lunch, Steak-N-Shake. Fun times!

On Sunday, after church, we dined on her choice of birthday meal with a little help from people who actually eat food (Mom & Dad). She wanted chicken nuggets (just about the only meat she'll eat), mac-n-cheese (not the real stuff, only Kraft will do) and green beans (the only green food she'll eat). We edited her menu with baked chicken instead. (She did eat some.) Yes, she is about as picky as they come. If only we were all as picky as her, we'd be skinny too. :)

She opened her presents (a baby doll that really cries and a kitty outfit) and we had cake & ice cream. It was a simple celebration but we enjoyed family times like these really are priceless. I love these times!

Her hair is getting SO long. We are going to donate it to "Locks of Love" in the near future but she needs a 10 inch ponytail. She has a 10 inch ponytail but it wouldn't leave her with much so we're waiting just a bit longer.

My first craft show is this Saturday and my whole card rack is filled except for two spots which I will be filling in the next few days. See, I haven't been sleeping all the time.

I'll be posting again soon about "The Little Politician", family pictures and Laura's school photo.