Monday, March 29, 2010

My Little Artist

Laura's school sponsored a "Fine Arts Night" for the students to display their artwork. They also featured performances by their strings bands. (Are they bands, ensembles, choirs?) Anyway, performances by the older kids who play stringed instruments...

Laura, my little artist, was excited to create something to display in the show. We decided a collage would be best (and least messy when our house is already in chaos).

The local children's hospital was on hand to view the art work and select some to frame and display in the new wing. They will pay $20 to each child whose artwork they select and the child agrees to sell.

Laura was giddy to find her artwork that night adorned with a ribbon and little sign explaining that her artwork had been selected. What fun!

We are STILL awaiting baby boy's arrival. He is a stubborn one and NOT in a hurry to get here. While we are waiting, we are getting lots of moving done into our addition. The girls are now both sleeping in their new rooms which we all LOVE. They turned out SO CUTE! I will post some photos of the pre-move and post-move soon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Breakthrough

This was something that was quite worrisome to me. I have somehow survived although my house is still REALLY dusty! There is a thin (or not) white "film" of dust on everything in my house. Yuck!

Once the carpet is complete (TODAY!!!), the dust should be MUCH less and we can get things cleaned better.

They broke through the wall in what used to be a large storage closet. The closet is gone now and the area is completely open. It has all be drywalled & repaired now. Just needs painted.

I'll be back soon with photos of the still *almost* finished painting and carpet!

Friday, March 19, 2010


I finally convinced my husband to upload photos from his camera so I could update here. Things in our household have been in complete chaos for the past few weeks so I just haven't found the time to update my blog like I would like to.

These photos are of drywall. We are further along now - *almost* all of the painting is done, some of the trim work is done, bathroom vanity, sinks, toilet, etc are all in, lights and outlets, etc, are all in, HVAC is complete. We hope to accomplish quite a bit this weekend so that we can schedule our carpet installation. That is, if baby boy doesn't decide to make his appearance this weekend. :)

I've been having contractions all week off & on so we'll see...

This is the "opening" to the existing house. The wall is open now. More photos to come soon of the "breakthrough". What a mess!

I am SO excited to show you photos of the girls' rooms, bathroom, etc but I want to wait until we're just a bit further along. Here is a sneak peek of the first color on the walls. :)

Each of these rooms has a theme. Any guess as to what they are?!
Be back soon with photos of "the breakthrough" to the existing house and maybe a photo of baby Perry if he decides to make his appearance?