Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am a list maker.

So, I've been all, "I should blog" for weeks now. But I just can't seem to find time/opportunity/motivation.

I decided making a list would be a good idea (thanks Valli). So,

  • Our dog ate my SD card from my camera and with that, about half the photos of Nathan's life. I now have a mostly empty baby book and a dog looking for a new home. (At least scrapbooking 2010 won't take me much time...)

  • We have found the dog a new home. He will hopefully be moving in with his new family this weekend.

  • Perhaps we are not dog people. I suppose we must be cat people then?

  • Nathan will turn ONE in less than a week.

  • His first birthday celebration will be monster themed. It required purchasing a new Cricut cartridge and stamp set.

  • I finally bought a new camera to replace our Canon Rebel that was stolen in September out of our van. I used my Christmas & birthday money because I am tired of saving for a new Rebel and decided to buy something less expensive.

  • The girls have been busy. They went to cheer camp a couple weeks ago. Both girls were selected to have some artwork featured in the school district's art show. Yay!

  • I bought some adorable clothes for my sweeties to wear for Easter. I spent less than $25. Have I mentioned how much I love consignment shopping?

  • Nathan is starting to say "words". We have now deciphered "Laura", "Lindsay", "dog" & "Daddy", though they sound nothing like the actual words.

  • We STILL have quite a bit of work do finish in our house addition (painting doors, baseboards, casings, railings, some casings that still need to be cut, nailed, etc., curtains/window treatments hung, decorating)

  • We are planning to put a patio in our courtyard this spring. We will be replacing our driveway at the same time. (See photo below - how trashy are we?!) We are excited to get this project underway so that we can enjoy our courtyard this summer!

  • This post is really boring. Sorry.