Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Can't Believe We Won!

This time of the year is so crazy! Our weekends have been jam packed with "events" of all sorts lately. I thought I'd share some of last weekend's events. We kicked off the weekend on Friday night with a trip to Dayton to watch the Dragons play baseball - it was fun! The girls were SO excited - not to watch baseball though, they go for the vittles. Almost immediately upon finding our seats, Lindsay was begging for Dippin' Dots. Jeremy made them wait until the 5th inning. They did finally get their ice cream and then we left in the 8th inning because the girls cannot sit still and were driving us crazy! Hmm. I wonder who won the game?

Isn't this just the greatest family portrait?!?

Saturday consisted of various household duties (cleaning, grocery shopping, yard work, etc.) Jeremy and Lindsay and I drove to the Commissary on base to do our grocery shopping. (Laura was at a friend's house playing.) We are usually too lazy to go all the way to the Commissary and usually prefer to shop at the much closer Krogers. But, we thought it would be fun to take a trip to the base especially because Lindsay LOVES to look at the planes. We got some seriously good deals! I have enough toilet paper, kitty litter and laundry soap to last until 2011. (Not really but the "case lot sale" they were having was unbeatable price-wise!)

Sunday afternoon after church, Laura had an "Ice Cream Social" to attend for school. The girls were really excited and have been looking forward to it for weeks. Laura encouraged me to buy some raffle tickets because the PTO was raffling off some VERY nice items including a kids digital camera, a 20" girls bike and a "Chrissa" American Girl Doll. I purchased $20.00 in raffle tickets because Laura REALLY wanted the doll. Guess who got blessed? I was so shocked I almost peed my pants!

The ice cream lovers:

The balloon release (to wish the first graders well as they move up to their new schools next year) :

And finally, a little scrapping I've done for myself lately (gasp!):

Laura's Baptism:

Last year's Dragons game:

Later folks!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Will you please join me in prayer?

For my sweet friend Melissa and her family? My heart is breaking for this precious family.

I went to college with Melissa and her husband Doug but didn't really get to know them until we moved here from New Mexico four years ago. (I think of them often even though last fall, Melissa & Doug moved to a new area for career reasons.) Melissa is the sweetest friend and mom you could ever know. She loves Jesus with all her heart and seriously, I don't think Melissa could ever say a cross word about ANYone. She is so very kind & gentle. In March 2008, Melissa was diagnosed with lymphoma and has fought a very courageous battle against this terrible cancer. Last Monday, she was given some very devastating news. I can't stop thinking about her and what she is going through. I can't begin to imagine how she is feeling right now. She has three adorable children who need her.

If you want to read her words about the news she was given, or to see the rest of her blog, go here.

I have never been more thankful for my health and that of my husband and children.

Please help me pray for a miracle for my friend. She wants to live and will need a miracle to do so. Please pray also for her husband (Doug) and her children (Caleb, Lauren & Audrey).

Remember to hug those you love often - none of us are promised tomorrow. What we are promised though, is that we are never alone and I am so very thankful for that. God hears us when we humble ourselves and call out to Him.

Thank you for your earnest prayers! God is good!

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Additions

For years now, the girls have begged to have a pet cat. They would ask us constantly if we could go to the pet store and visit the pets there. Apparently this was not pet enough for these two animal lovers.

I was a bit resistant about the cat thing just because I figured I would do the bulk of the pet care if we ever got one. (By the way, I was right about that...) On a spur-of-the-moment a couple of Saturdays' ago, Jeremy and I decided we would make their wildest seven and four year old dreams come true. I was VERY apprehensive about this - I spend WAY TOO MUCH time analyzing and over analyzing how each and every decision I ever make will affect every aspect of my life. I know, big surprise for those of you who know me well. Anyway, L&L were positively giddy with happiness.

Unfortunately, they had to wait a few days to enjoy "Kipper" because she absolutely refused to come out of hiding. This is what we saw for about the first four days:

She eventually did venture out into our dangerous and very scary house and realized we were friendly. She has since adjusted beautifully and is patient and playful with the girls. She is not a lap cat but is friendly with us nonetheless. One thing I love about her is how sweet & gentle she is. Oh, and in case you were worried, I have adjusted well too. She is actually a breeze to care for and has added a lot of happiness to our home in recent days. (Amazing how easy a cat is to take care of after you've had babies!)

I love this photo of all of them looking out the window longingly!

Yesterday was "Baby Day" at our church & I was "in charge" of putting things together. Baby Day is to meet & get to know a bit better the babies of the church. It is a yearly happening. I made these scrapbook frames as the gifts the parents would receive. I made 22 of them.

Here are most of them in my kitchen:

And here they are at the church:

My big order is finished. Now I am working on several smaller ones and trying to get my house back in some semblance of order after a rip-roarin' garage sale over the weekend. Not really that great but at least less stuff is present in my house!