Friday, July 17, 2009

"I Can't Believe It Mama!"

"I have had tons of parties before and this have never happened." -Laura

I'm pretty sure there is nothing Laura loves more in this world than throwing parties. Her dad and I are not sure where she got that gene from as neither of us is really a "party animal".
About once a week, she plans some sort of grand celebration - faux Christmas or other holdiay, stuffed animal or doll birthdays, any sort of occasion she can think of is a reason to party. We even had to have a Memorial Day party this year. She planned all sorts of activities for us to do including finger painting and her famous pinata. Last fall for one of her celebrations, she made a pinata from a small cardboard box, some colored paper and a bunch of tape. It has been used for most of her celebrations since then. I was going to post a photo of it but I can't find any photos. Shoot.

Anyway, today she planned a celebration for one of her doll's birthdays. She had everything set up and activities planned in the yard. L&L kept coming in and telling me to get outside for the party. I was working and made them wait a bit. Oftentimes, as in the case of today, she is also bugging me to make food - menus are important, you know. I declined her requests today. She wanted me to make rice & I didn't feel like it. I'm sure I will regret saying no to this request one day. Anyway...

I finally made my way outside to the party. First I had to sign in.

After getting the signing in formalities attended to and my party hat on, I was pleasantly pleased to see this:

The tables and chairs are ready. The children and babies are dressed in their finest party frocks. Let the festivities begin.

This is what I see next. A (mostly) pleasant game of Chutes and Ladders taking place.

By the way, if you feel you may have seen these fabulous party hats before, you may have. They are leftover from Jeremy's pirate birthday earlier this year.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but it could be avoided no longer. The sky was getting dark and the clouds were looking menacing. Then it began to sprinkle, followed immediately by a major downpour which resulted in this:

And this:

In the downpour, Laura had to run out to rescue her hanging pinata from the tree house. Whew, all is well.

The downpour ended as quick as it had begun. The party animals decided to re-assemble their party in the yard. Party on!

Unfortunately, once the party was set back up and I was summoned back outside, it began sprinkling once again. Repeat previous steps.

It was decided that the party should move indoors. Eating commenced. The pinata (hanging from my refrigerator) was broken open.

The party was a rousing success.

Even though now I have a big wet mess all over the place, I love days like this. These two girls light up my life in ways I could never have imagined. How thankful I am that the Lord saw fit to allow me to be their mother.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is summer

without watermelon???