Friday, May 20, 2011

The Monster Turns ONE!

Perhaps I am not cut out to be a blogger. I don't know why but I have such a hard time keeping up with this blog. I would like to blog much more frequently but I can't ever seem to do it. :(

My little monster turned one last month. I had a really hard time with it. I just cannot believe how fast he is growing up.

He's a busy guy these days. He runs around getting into everything. He jabbers constantly but we can only distinguish a handful of words. He says "uh oh" to everything. He loves to eat. When he's hungry he will go and get a plate or bowl out of the drawer (the kid dishes are down low where they can reach them) and bring it to one of us. Or, he will stand at the refrigerator and scream. He loves to play with balls. He loves to chase the cat and on the off chance that he catches her, he grabs a huge handful of hair. (She is not so much a fan of his.) He loves to spend time with his big sisters when they actually have time for him. Most of the time they are locking him out of wherever they are because he is getting into their stuff. He is a biter. He bites us A LOT. We're working on that. Hopefully he'll catch on soon that we don't love that behavior.

I wanted to post a few photos from his birthday. Both sets of grandparents visited around his birthday. For his birthday, we had pasta, salad & bread. Of course there was cake & ice cream too. Nate ate lots as always. We bought him a wagon and a climber for inside the house. He loves both. He gets in his wagon and screams for someone to pull him. Too funny.

My talented sister made his adorable hat & monster shirt. I made the monster banner. I bought a new Cricut cartridge just for the occasion. Ha!

I love this little guy so much. He brings a monster load of joy, laughter and love to our home. Happy First Birthday Nathan!


Tenacious V said...

Awwww, LOVE the pictures, and the cute party attire/decor. I am glad that N. is a screamer, too. I want to come visit and bring E. and let them play sometime this summer. I am sure it will be deafening. ;-)

Happy birthday, Nathan!

harada57 said...
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